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  Safegate Safedock

Safegate Safedock

seller: Safegate Airport Systems, Inc.
contact: Sales Department
phone: +1 763-535-9299

The Safegate Effect, increased safety and capacity, is the result of what we do for more than 80 airports around the world!

  • Confirms that the correct aircraft type is approaching the gate
  • Integrates with boarding bridges to prevent collisions
  • Integrates with GSE systems for central control and monitoring
  • Operates reliably in all visibility and weather situations
  • The Safedock gate operating system automates docking startup and provides central control, monitoring and tracking of gate activity.

    The Safedock system provides automated aircraft parking guidance that improves safety, efficiency and productivity on the ramp. The system utilizes a 3-dimensional laser scanning technique to detect, measure and track aircraft parking at the gate. Safedock provides pilots with reliable and consistent information guiding them accurately and safely to the proper stop position for their aircraft.

    Safegate is the experienced leader with over 2000 A-VDGS systems installed around the world!

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